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Samuel Klinkmann
Samuel Klinkmann


I'm Samuel, a developer with a passion for creating products with extraordinary UX.

You could call me a front-end/UI/web developer, but I have a background in design, meaning I'm quite the multitool when it comes to creating digital products.

I'm quite fond of React, but I've also worked extensively with Angular, Backbone and other JS frameworks. Design systems are something I've been pushing early on.
I've worked with AB-testing & web analytics, but also had the pleasure to create game UI's.

Currently I’m working at Supercell as a Technical producer / Community tech lead.

I’m not looking for new job opportunities at the moment.

Selected clients

I’ve worked in multiple different roles across various business sectors, delivering successful digital products in outstanding teams.

Here's a collection of some of the companies I have had the pleasure to work with.

Hmd Global (Nokia Phones)
Remedy Entertainment
Elisa Oyj
Valio Oy
Veikkaus Oy
Reaktor Oy
Idean Oy
Palmu Oy
Valve Oy
Nordkapp Oy
SC5 Online

Samuel can best be described as the glue between designers and developers. Samuel is a great asset when you need responsive interfaces for demanding projects. I can warmly recommend him.

Jouni Linkola

- Jouni Linkola, Service Design lead at Elisa Oy

I have no doubt in saying that Samuel was key in one of our biggest projects. A pioneer that brought not only great technical skills but also clarity, an eye for detail and organisation into the future of the Adidas Design Language. In my eyes, I consider Samuel as a Design Systems Advocate and a true wingman that only brings positivism and perspective to any UX|UI|Dev project.

Marco Cardoso

- Marco Cardoso, Senior UI Lead Developer at Adidas

Samuel worked on a high pressure globally visible project for one of the biggest sports manufacturers in the world. As a key member of the team implementing a facelift for their entire eCom site and developing a digital style guide alongside, he got only praise from everyone he worked with. Samuel brought clarity and direction to the project with his patience, experience and competence. Samuel has a rare skillset of being an expert in both UX design and front-end development combined with great social skills and a get things done attitude. I really hope I get a chance to work with him again in the future.

Samuli Karjula

- Samuli Karjula, Director of Operations at Reaktor B.V. Amsterdam

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